The Clinical Physiology Laboratory:


The Clinical Physiology Lab is an inclusive space researching life-saving medical devices on volunteer participants. This clinical research is vital to bridge gaps in healthcare, improve the science behind medical technology, and advance Medtronic's Health Equity Initiatives. Our studies provide compensation to volunteer participants. Research studies at the CPL involve observing participants’ body and vital signs (physiology) to understand the performance and accuracy of our devices.

The information gathered during our studies allows for the advancement of medical technology, which can lead to better outcomes in healthcare.

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Roger Martin-Pressman
Roger Martin-Pressman
Laboratory Manager

Roger has over 20 years in clinical research. Originally from the Washington D.C. area, Roger holds a Masters degree from Skidmore college and has focused his research work in human physiology. Roger lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife and 2 children.
Obioma Nwankwo
Obioma Nwankwo
Clinical Study Coordinator

Obioma is a Denver native with a passion for research. Obioma has a bachelor's degree from Colorado State University, where she participated in various research projects on animals to human subjects.
All research studies conducted at the Medtronic Clinical Physiology Lab are monitored and overseen by licensed medical professionals and follow local, national and international clinical research standards.
Additional Information
What is clinical research? 

Clinical research is a branch of healthcare science that determines the safety and effectiveness of medications, devices, diagnostic products, and treatment regimens intended for human use.
What is required for my participation?

  • A health screen (usually by phone) 
  • A completed informed consent 
  • A general physical at a nearby clinic (paid for by Medtronic) 
  • Arriving on time to scheduled study appointment 
How much am I paid?

  • Study payments are typically between $50-$500 
What is hypoxia?

  • Hypoxia is a state in which oxygen is not available in sufficient amounts at the tissue level to maintain adequate homeostasis; this can result from inadequate oxygen delivery to the tissues either due to low blood supply or low oxygen content in the blood (hypoxemia).

What are the risks?

  • The Risks of Hypoxia can include experiencing symptoms such as confusion, restlessness, difficulty breathing, rapid heart rate, and bluish skin. Loss of consciousness, fainting or passing out (syncope) can also be associated with hypoxia and prolonged hypoxia can lead to organ damage.  
How long is the study?

  • Studies in the lab are typically 1-3 hours long 
What does your contribution mean?

  • Participating in clinical research can lead to advancements in the medical technology being tested, which can in turn improve health outcomes 

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