Unique screw design tacks for strong mesh fixation.1,2

The AbsorbaTack fixation device — complementing an unparalleled hernia repair portfolio

Providing the standard of hernia care your patients need depends on the fixation solutions you have at hand.

For more than 20 years, surgeons have trusted the AbsorbaTack fixation device for secure temporary mesh fixation,1,2 patient comfort, and clinician peace of mind.4

Designed with absorbable self-tapping technology, our fixation device securely holds the mesh in place1 while your patient heals.3 With a unique screw design offering needleless tack delivery, our fixation device makes needle stick injuries a thing of the past.

Patient comfort,1–3,5 strong fixation,1,3,5 peace of mind.

The AbsorbaTack family of products deliver mesh fixation essentials physicians can see. You can trust you're deploying tacks successfully with a reliable tack deployment and a ratcheted mechanism delivering tactile feedback while you fire.

Innovative Design

  • Put control in your hands with the unique screw-like design of the AbsorbaTack™ fixation device.
  • The AbsorbaTack™ device doesn’t need a sharp piloting needle to deploy, eliminating the risk of inadvertent needlesticks in the OR.

Fixed on fixation strength

Strong mesh fixation1,2 is at the forefront of the AbsorbaTack™ fixation device design.

Our absorbable fixation device fastens mesh to soft tissue during surgery and remains for weeks while healing is underway.4,†  Its smooth head with 5.1-mm proximal wings provides the surface area to sit flush against the mesh and secure it firmly in place.1

Putting patient comfort first

Keeping the mesh securely in place may decrease mesh4 shift during patient healing, which is vital to hernia recovery.

But the benefits of mesh fixation with our device go beyond that. By design, the device supports a minimally invasive approach through a 5-mm shaft.

And the absorbable tack ensures no foreign materials remain in the body over time 5,‡ because there is no metal required for mesh fixation. The result — tacks that vanish and mesh that stays in place.

Delivering peace of mind

With the AbsorbaTack™ fixation device, you’ll discover many benefits for effective hernia repair using absorbable fixation to secure your mesh.

Control meets confidence with a unique screw design that promotes controlled deployment into tissue by allowing the tack to self-tap. With no need for piloting needles to place the tack, there’s no risk for needle sticks.

The absorbable tacks supply real staying power throughout the healing process with potentially fewer adhesions than permanent tack fixation.4,†

Here to help

Ready to see the difference the AbsorbaTack fixation device can make in your healthcare setting?

Our Medtronic representatives have the knowledge and resources to help you make it part of your hernia
repair routine.
†Animal data may not correlate with human clinical outcomes.
‡ Bench test results may not be indicative of clinical performance.
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