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14 YEARS = average clinical experience for Clinical Product Specialists1

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Available by phone (1-800-NELLCOR) and email, cross-trained on all patient monitoring products, and replacement monitors available









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lower your cost
of ownership

No charge for installation or training

Standard 5-year monitor warranty

Standard 5-year monitor warranty



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the oem monitoring solutions you need

Because you need accuracy the most when risk is highest, we create highly accurate sensors designed for specific patient care needs—even for your most challenging patients.

Seamless Integration
with dedicated OEM monitorning support team

Powerful Colaboration
with OEM strategic partners Nellcor™ Pulse Oximetry with OxiMax™ Technology


Reduce your environmental
footprint with

sustainable program options

All Nellcor™ pulse oximetry sensors manufactured to original quality and accuracy specifications. Save money without compromising patient care. LEARN MORE

increasing efficiency

with powerful analytics

Nellcor™ Analytics Tool (NAT) Software

▪ Transfer patient data from select Nellcor™ pulse oximetry monitors to your computer
▪ View, graph, analyze, and print pulse oximetry data
▪ Access data via interface cable or USB device
▪ Free software download

Install on any Microsoft Windows™*
software based PC




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through education

▪ Online Education (Accredited) Online Education (Non-Accredited)
▪ Peer-to-Peer Events
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